Common practices and techniques in Basketball

Basketball is a popular team sport where players attempt to shoot a ball through a basket in order to score points. There are certain commonly followed techniques and practices of the game which deal with the players' positions and strategies. In this article we will discuss some of the key features that relate to these aspects of the game.

Basketball Positions

Even though the official rules of basketball do not give rise to any playing positions, the positions have evolved gradually over the years as a part of the game. During the first 50 years of the game's evolution, only one center, two guards and two forwards or one guard, two centers and two forwards were employed. Since 1980s, several other player positions have evolved. These are as follows:

The Point guard: The point guard is normally the quickest player of the team who arranges the team's offense by maneuvering the ball and ensuring that the ball gets to the appropriate player at the appropriate time.

Common Practices And Techniques In Basketball The Shooting guard: The shooting guard creates several, mainly long-ranged shots on offense and tries to guard the opponent team's best perimeter player in the defense.

The Small forward: Frequently the main player who is responsible for acquiring points through cuts to basket as well as dribble penetration. On the defense, the small forward seeks rebounds but also occasionally plays more proactively.

The Power forward: This player frequently plays offensively by having his back to basket. On the defense, the power forward plays under basket in zone defense or against the opponent team's power forward in man-to-man defense.

The Center: The center player uses his size and height to score on offense. On defense, he attempts to closely protect the basket or to redirect the ball.

Basketball Strategies

The strategies of the game have evolved alongside the game's overall evolution. During 1990s and early parts of 2000s, the teams normally played with more focus on "isolation". Teams having one superstar player would let the shooting guard or point guard run the most of offense while the rest of the four offensive players move out of his or her way. At present, the teams are more inclined to play the game with teamwork. The "Center" placement has gradually evolved to become much like a taller "Small Forward" placement. As teams often tend to play the game with teamwork, the ball movement within the game has also evolved and the players have become inclined to take more jump shots.

The two principal defensive strategies are man-to-man defense and zone defense. In zone defense, every player guards a definite area of the playing court. In man-to-man defense, each of the defensive players guards a definite opponent.

The offensive strategies of the game are even more varied, and generally involve making planned passes and movements by the players without ball. A cut is a quick move taken by one offensive player that prevents the ball to reach an advantageous position. A pick or screen legally helps an offensive player to prevent an opponent player from guarding a certain teammate.