Major League Baseball Season Structure

The scheduled games played in the major league before the postseason is known as the Major League Baseball season. A total of 162 matches are played in each MLB season.

Spring training

The series of exhibition games and practices before the regular season starts is known as spring training. The spring training allows the players to have enough practice before they start playing the competitive matches of the season. The new players can also try out for major league teams during the spring training. Numerous spectators come to watch these training matches. People travel to warmer climates and enjoy the weather during the spring. The spring training generally takes place at the same time as the college spring break which boosts the number of viewers.

The duration of the spring training is generally two months. It starts during mid February and finishes in April's first week, when the regular season opens.

Regular Season

The regular season of Major League Baseball consists of 162 matches per team. The season usually starts on the 1st Sunday of April and finishes on the 1st Sunday of October. The schedule for each team is arranged into 3-game series. The schedules also contain occasional 2-game and 4-game series as well as some rare 5-game series. Continuations of postponed and suspended games often result in a 5-game series or ad hoc 1-game. Different series of a team are organized into road trips and homestands so that multiple series can be grouped together. The teams generally have to play six days a week with Monday or Thursday being an off day. Most of the games are played during night. But day games take place frequently in June, July, and August due to the vacation. Sunday games are usually scheduled during afternoon so that the teams can travel to the venue for their Monday night game within time.

Major League Baseball Season Structure

All-Star Game

In the middle of the MLB season, in early July, the teams take a three day break. The Major League Baseball All-Star Game takes place during this time. A team consisting of National League players and led by the previous National League World Series team manager and another team consisting of American League players and managed in the similar manner are featured in an exhibition match of the All-Star game. Two games have been held each year between 1959 and 1961. One of these two matches was held in July while the other took place in August. The all star game first used the designated-hitter (DH) rule in the year 1989. A DH was applied in the following games that were played in an American League ballpark. The designated-hitter rule has been followed in all venues since the year 2010.


The postseason commences after the completion of the regular baseball season after October's first Sunday (or September's last Sunday). Ten teams participate in the post-season playoffs including the six division champions. The 4 "wild-card" slots are filled by two teams from each league having the best records apart from the champions. These teams play four rounds of matches for determining the postseason champion.